5 Animations Rentokil Would Have Ruined

5 animations rentokil would have ruinedAfter writing last week’s blog, 5 More Films Rentokil Would Have Ruined, I started thinking, what other popular entertainment mediums would have been shaken up if Rentokil got involved?

After rattling my brain for quite some time, and flicking through various films and tv shows on Netflix, I had an idea… Which popular cartoons/animations could Rentokil have ruined?

Tom and Jerry

Animations - Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry title card (1947–52) for the Hanna-Barbera shorts.

This endless battle between cat and mouse has been going on for over 70 years! It’s safe to say that Tom wouldn’t be a good addition to the Rentokil family with his track record. No matter how hard he tries, Jerry always seems to get the better of him.

Things would be a lot different if Tom just spent a couple of minutes and viewed our how to get rid of mice web page(s). He might have a bit more luck trying to catch Jerry. He would know that simple solutions like keeping the house clean, and repairing damaged walls and fixtures would definitely help keep Jerry out of the house. If Tom can find the time to purchase a canon then he can definitely lend in hand in cleaning the house.

Alternatively, he could have just contacted his local Rentokil branch and we would have solved his rodent problem quickly and sufficiently. If he had done this, Tom’s mouse problem would have only lasted 5 minutes and not 70 years!

Original Image from Wikipedia.org

A Bug’s Life

Animation - A Bugs Life

A Bugs Life poster from IMDB

It’s hard to believe that the owner of the trailer never noticed a massive insect infestation living in the rubbish underneath his home. I am of course talking about the “big city” in which Flik visits to find some warrior bugs in Pixar’s A Bug’s Life.

If you have a range of pests such as moths, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders and flies (to name a few) living near your home then you’ve definitely got a problem on your hands. Urban pests thrive off the waste humans leave behind. Simple pest control techniques like keeping your property clean can save you from an infestation.

If the owner of the trailer noticed the amount of moths and flies his zapper was catching and contacted Rentokil, A Bug’s Life would have been a whole lot different… Flik would have never found his warrior bugs and Princess Atta, Dot, and the rest of the ant colony would have been at the mercy of Hopper!

Original Image from IMDB

Over the Hedge

Animation - Over the Hedge

Over the Hedge Movie Poster from IMDB

If the Homeowner Association chairman Gladys Sharp hired a proper, professional, pest controller such as a Rentokil Technician, rather than Dwayne LaFontant, this animation would be a lot different.

Rather than using the lethal methods of pest control, which seemed to fail miserably for Dwayne, Rentokil would have used more humane methods of wildlife control to find RJ and the gang a new home.

With Rentokil’s involvement Over the Hedge would have been a nice, peaceful film about a group of wildlife friends being ethically removed to a nice, new, home. Rather than a fun loving animation packed full of laughter and mischief.

Original Image from IMDB


Animation - Antz

Movie Poster for Antz from IMDB

What would a film called Antz be without any ants?

Antz doesn’t really dive into what species of ant the characters are in this film. They could be bullet ants, and if you read our previous blog about the Schmidt Pain Index, a sting from one of these insects can be extremely painful.

What’s also concerning about Antz is the huge termite colony that can spit acid! That can’t be healthy! What would happen in the spring time when flying termites emerge to start new colonies? I wouldn’t want these pests setting up camp in my home.

It’s safe to say if Rentokil got involved in this animation the whole film would be a blank screen for 1 hour and 24 minutes. Although some people within the art world would have loved its representation of life, I don’t think the rest of us would have enjoyed it.

Original Image from IMDB

Flushed Away

Animations - Flushed Away

Movie poster for Flushed Away from IMDB

You would think Roddy’s owners would have used some simple rodent prevention tips to stop any harm coming to their beloved pet.

What’s concerning about this animation is rats are known to carry harmful diseases. Down the sewer, Roddy would have been exposed to at least one of these, and would have brought them back with him to his Kensington home. This could have a huge effect on his owners, especially their child… Not good!

If they had carried out simple DIY pest control techniques such as keeping their home free from clutter and placing food in metal or glass containers in tight fitting lids, Sid would have never been attracted to their house, and would not have flushed Roddy down the toilet. Or better yet Rentokil could have been contacted to help manage the rodent problem within the sewers of London.

Instead of a whacky, crazy adventure of a pet rat who finally finds love and friendship, the audience would have been treated to a depressing film about a lonely rat whose only friends are a child’s dolls…. what more could you want in a children’s animation?

Original Image from IMDB

What over animations do you think Rentokil could have ruined? Let us know in the comments!