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We understand the needs of customers who deliver their business through a network of locations. You need consistent service, consolidated reporting and a single point of contact. We provide this reassurance when it comes to pest control and have a long history of providing international customers with consistently high standards of pest control and account management.

Rentokil Pest Control has 6,500 colleagues operating in over 50 countries across Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, The Middle East and The Pacific. No other pest control company has our international reach and the ability to deliver a consistent service model across the globe. Whilst compliance and accreditation schemes differ from country to country, we ensure that our in house technicians have the skills and tools needed to meet the most demanding of customer requirements and standards.

The type of pests and their activity may vary across countries and in different climates but the principles that define a high standard of pest control remain broadly the same. This allows us to develop and share best practice across our businesses, so that you always get the optimum service. Whether it is for large complex sites or many locations across the globe, we recognise the importance of providing large account management, consolidated reporting and risk profiling to make it easy to manage the service that is being delivered across your network.

Our international reach and standardised approach to pest control allows us to develop and deliver service programmes for international customers who are looking to apply consistent standards across their operations. We have helped numerous international organisations overcome the complexity of managing and implementing global pest control by taking a new and innovative approach to global pest control management.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help support and implement consistent service across your business, we have a global team dedicated to help you achieve this who you can contact by emailing global.accounts@rentokil-initial.com.

As part of the Rentokil Initial group, we are also specialists in hygiene, workwear, and cleanrooms services for businesses across the globe.